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Step 5

Step 5: Member Profile

Member Profile Page

Member Profile Page

  • Here you will find information about current checks held, your properties owned through REIC, sub-contractor information, and a request to transfer funds option.
    • My Checks – Information will include Date Issued, Issued by, Company or Individual Name, Check Number, Check Amount, and Current Location.
    • My Properties – Information will include Date of Purchase, Address, APN, Purchase Amount, List Price, Sold Price, and Status which includes Evict, Rehab, List, Sold.
    • Subcontractors – Information will include Company Name, Nature of Business, Contact, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, and Current Location.
    • Request to Transfer Funds – An automated email screen will be shown and a request to transfer your funds to another county can be made. Please note, depending on what time of the day the request is received we might not be able to transfer your funds to the desired county sale site on the same day.

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