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Step 4

  • Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale, in requested vesting, will be sent to our office by the Trustee.
  • Payment of $3,000 plus fee’s for Documentary Transfer Tax, City Tax if applicable, and Document Recording Fee’s will now be due by the customer.
  • Payment can me made up to the date of the Trustee’s Deed arrival. But note, our property management service does not start until payment is received.
  • For quicker turn around times on your investment, a payment sooner rather than later is suggested. Why lose days on eviction, rehab, etc?
  • Voided purchases are 100% refundable.
  • Once payment is received, a representative from REIC will serve a 3-day Notice to the occupants of your purchase.
  • REIC representative will approach current occupants with Cash-for-Keys negotiations. In California, the approximate fee to evict through an Eviction Attorney is $2,000. This process also takes approximately 30 days. In a majority of cases, the prior owner will accept less and move out in a timely manner. They know they have to move, regardless. If the property is tenant-occupied, by law the lease must be honored by the new owner. As an incentive, offering more money to the tenants usually does the trick. If not, you have to collect rent until the end of the lease.
  • Once property has vacated, a representative from REIC will do a video walk-through and take multiple pictures of every aspect of the property. This will allow the customer to make their own decisions on how they want to perform their rehab.
  • Emailing of portfolio’s and bid estimates from prospective sub-contractors will be sent to customers. Please let us know if you already have a rehab crew in place.
  • Property management once sub-contractors are chosen. Consistent touring of property by management to make sure sub-contractors are working diligently and efficiently. Activity will also try to prevent thought of vandalism or theft by those who think the property might be vacant. *Note – This service is provided for Platinum members only.
  • An experienced agent from our team will list your property at a reduced seller’s commission of 2%, if needed.
  • Quality staffs at either Stewart Title or Fidelity National Title can handle your title and escrow services if you do not have a title company of choice.

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